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The Linda Shirt Variant, Block Printed with Vegetable Colour in Organic Cotton.

The Linda Shirt Variant, Block Printed with Vegetable Colour in Organic Cotton.

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This cute shirt is inspired by our favorite Linda shirt. Classic
elements like a convertible collar and a front patch pocket
makes it a good buy for both men and women. The garment is
made in organic cotton and is finished with our overall Polo
print which is done with the hands of craftsmen from India
using natural dyes. This shirt can be re-casted into a dress with
ease or can be paired with our Bonnie pants for a complete
look. Linda shirt dress has tucks on the back yoke to provide
extra comfort to the wearer. It can be worn all throughout the
year. It is a relevant choice for expecting mothers as the front
buttons can easily adapt to post-natal needs.
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