Natural indigo hand dyed products best for the skin and 100% Natural organic fiber, Naturally made, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, zero carbon foot print.

Elephants, peacocks, paisleys , lotus , leaves etc. are chiselled and carved on sheesham wood and brought to life when stamped with colour on fabric.

Block printing is a very scrupulous and meticulous technique of printing where each colour in the design is intricately carved on wooden block. It is further stamped over the fabric repeatedly colour by colour.

We try and experiment with this craft by putting this traditional technique into a more contemporary form.

A narrow curve and the landscape is completely changed , drifting from the urban concrete roads to the muddy , almost rebelling against the establishment , appears a village where the sidewalks are highlighted with blue sand , the remains from the beautiful process of resist dyeing indigenously known as dabu.

gravitating towards the technical language of this craft , intricately etched wooden blocks are used to print patterns , objects and for us our ideas and vision on to the fabric for the application of thick mud paste to transform this pale lifeless piece into a work of art. After which it is dyed and processed with various natural elements like indigo, alum, lime, pomegranate rinds , turmeric , dried flowers etc to suffice an artists vision .

Here is our attempt to create powerful stories through this art by channelling both the eccentric and utilitarian purpose of fashion.

This product is extremely unique, high quality and luxury to own . We say so because the process of manufacturing involves not machines but human hands working and preserving the ancestral craft of block printing. The fabric is treated with fuller’s earth and natural dyes and therefore variation in the color and print is the beauty of this craft these variations yell authentication.