Hand Woven linen with zero carbon footprint.

We realize that best crafted work of linen is not ordained from above but crafted from below where skills and talent meet in camaraderie and not in a cage fight. We design linen clothes that are an antithesis of fast fashion, working with various weaving and craft communities to create clothes made from natural fibers like cotton and linen. Presently working from the linen yarn stage and going further up , but working towards collaborating with the organizations to be able to incorporate various techniques at the plant and fiber stage of linen giving us the opportunity to make clothes that are organic , natural and ethical across the supply chain and also making the merchandise aesthetically unique through fusing design inputs from the inception(seed stage) of the plant.

The conceptual nature of our clothes is to fit various body types and sizes, and therefore we integrate zero waste , free size , adjustable and various other attributes contributing to lesser returns and longer shelf life in our wardrobes .