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Our Story

Astha and Sidharth is not just an eponymous label, it defines us. Before the inception of our label in 2010 we had worked together on various projects and our affinity towards identical design aesthetics brought the label into existence. Our work is a conversation about the present transitional nature of our country, we create products that dwell from the soil of our nation but mutate them to a more contemporary form. We often try to add a twist to the banality of a craft, intentionally breaking the stereotypes and creating distinctiveness.

The story is about farmers and herders who tamed the wild , breed edible seeds and food, about merchants and craftspeople who braved mountains and deep waters to exchange knowledge , about rustic engineers and metallurgists who first hammered copper. Their combined contribution to our normal routine lives is much greater than what warriors have accomplished or emperors have bequeathed. We work with the same ethos, contributing and trying our best to bring about the change in the little ways that we can.

Our Process

We Feel Fortunate To Be Born In A Country Where Our Dream Could Be Brought To Reality. As Purveyors Of Handmade, We Are Continuously Working To Administer Each Step Of The Supply Chain. The Dyes Used To Make Our Clothes Are Derived From Natural Sources, The Cotton Used Is Organic, Each Piece Is Either Hand Block Printed, Hand Woven, Hand Painted Or Tie And Dyed. We Have Empowered Many Artisanal Families And It Has Only Made Us More Mindful.

We Share Teachings, Stories And Work As One Big Happy Family. We Might Be Bringing A Small Change, Considering The Craft Community In India.

Our Commitment

We Sincerely Care For The People Who Are Creating PINCHI SHOP Products, While Ensuring That We Reduce The Environmental Footprint. We Collaborate With Relevant Partners To Make Sure We Can Empower And Contribute To The Craft Communities. We Are A Member Of Handloom Export Promotion Council Of India (Hepc) Which Is A Government Body To Promote Indian Textiles On The Global Map And Are Always Grateful For Their Support